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Not quite ready for a full-blown website? No problem.

My landing page website package is the perfect solution.

start building a mailing list while you wait.

this is the time for a

landing page.

If you still have no website and know you need one, but you just don’t have the content ready, or are still developing the brand, a landing page is the ideal solution.

This will allow you to not only have some web presence, but also to start building a mailing list. Imagine benig able to launch your brand new website with a ready-made list of interested people?

Simply by linking the landing page to an email marketing system will mean you can collect the email addresses of everyone visiting the site. There are many clever ways of doing this to increase conversions by offering an incentive to your visitor.

I can help you with that and together make sure we come up with the best reason for your customer to signup.

Book a time for a chat with me and we can take a look at what you’ll need.

what’s included?

Landing page website design Kent
>> One single landing page website

>> Signup facility

>> Links to your social addresses

>> Mailing list integration (Mailchimp, Active Campaign etc.)

>> Google Analytics integration (if you have your own account)

>> SEO (getting found on Google)

>> Fully responsive (looks just as great on phone and tablets)

Most businesses needing a landing page will only need the signup, but if you need an additional page for anything else, such as a contact form or a bespoke ‘thank you for signing up’ page, I offer an additional website page of your choice (£165 each).

About Us

Every landing page website is designed to suit your business and is completely bespoke to your brand.

a few sample landing page websites…

What happens


Once you’ve confirmed that you would like the holding page package, I’ll send you a welcome pack, which will also contain a project brief to give me the answers I’d need to get the best start on creating a page you’ll love.

I’ll also get you booked in for your consultation call. We can either do this by phone or through Zoom, whichever you’re most comfortable with. I can then get to know what I need to get to work.

You can either purchase your package now via tabs below or if you still have questions, just schedule a chat with me and we’ll talk through what your business needs together.
Landing page website design London

ready to buy your new page?

Landing Page

If you’re ready to buy your new holding page today, you can make one single payment at the checkout. I’ll send you your welcome pack via email as soon as you’ve placed your order. I’ll then get you booked in for your consultation call.


Landing Page Payment Plan

If you’re ready to buy your new website today, BUT you’d prefer to pay in instalments, choose this option with 2 easy monthly payments. I’ll send you your welcome pack via email as soon as you’ve placed your order. I’ll then get you booked in for your consultation call.


some answers

How soon will my website be ready?
It typically takes me 2 weeks to get your website built from start to finish but this is ocmpletely dependent on you having the time to feedback as this is what can casue delays. Becuase of this, we ask that you only start your project when you know you have the time to dedicate toit. It doesn’t require much time, only for you to give feedback on my work.
Can I add E-Commerce to my website?
Yes you can. You can purchase this as a website add-on at the checkout.
Can I add another feature after the project has started?
Yes you can. There is a selection of add-ons you can choose form, but you can always do this mid-way through or even post publish. I’m very flexible about this as things can change as the project and the website develops.
How do I access my website after it's published to make changes?
I will send you all of the login details you’ll need when you’re ready for them. I wil also include video training manuals to make sure you’re up to speed on how to alter each module.
How often will you need to speak with us?
I will stay be busy designing your site but at stages pre-agreed together, I’ll need you to provide feedback on the work done so far. We like to check in on this frequently, especially in the early design stages to make sure that we’re all on the same design and aesthetic page. We’ll invite you to access your own dasboard where you can keep up-to-date with everything we have been doing real-time, but if you prefer, we’ll stick to simple email.
How many changes can I make?
I work on the premise of 3 design revisions per project. Most of my clients make one or two design changes and alterations based on my innitial design samples, but we have a comprehensive Q & A system before we start so I am usually pretty clear on what will work and what suits your brand and style from the offset.
What do you need from me to begin?
This depends on what work I am doing for you. If it is just a website build, then we will need all of your current branding, so logo, font names and colour palettes.
If we are doing it all for you from scratch, we’ll cover what we need in our Q & A.
How do I get this information to you?
You can send me what I need via a free online file sharing website called wetransfer. I will give you the link when required.
What if I'm not happy with my website?
This has never happened. We have a comprehensive Q & A before all work begins and so by the time I start, we both have a clear idea of the style to work on. The content will also have been agreed prior to designs starting and I will send you the initial design sample page for revisions to be made before I carry on with the whole site.
Do you offer refunds?
We don’t offer refunds as there is a rigourous system im place to make sure that communication between you and I is at such a level that we won’t need to refund you as you’ll be proud of your site (clients often tell me they can’t stop jumping onto their website just to sit looking at it!).
Should I get your website care package?
Yes. But these are not optional so it’s really up to you. It is a good idea as it means you receive priority support should anything go wrong with the site whilst it is live, or you need me to look at something you’ve updated. I will work on your issue anyway, with or without the website care package, but will need to put it into the schedule and invoice you by the hour.
Do you host the website for me?
Yes, If you don’t already have a hosting package that you would like to use, I will host the website for you.
Do you provide email addresses?
We do offer email accounts as part of our hosting package only. There is an additional annual charge for email accounts.

don’t forget you can book your free consultation call with me here…

Landing page website design Kent & London for small businesses
Landing page website design London for small businesses
Landing page website design Kent for small businesses
5 Page Web Design
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