your digital presence kit

Having a beautiful & cohesive

digital presence

is vital to business success.

Ignoring this is like opening a business in a derelict warehouse, inviting all your potential clients, and realising you forgot to decorate.

it’s time to take action, be bold & start

making first impressions count

make yours a good one.

So, you need a top-notch digital presence

to get your business noticed, BUT

Maybe you:


Already have a site BUT need to take it to a professional level?


Don't have a digital presence yet and need one, urm...yesterday?


Have been DIY-ing for MONTHS but still have NOTHING?


Don't really know anything about what colours and fonts to use?


Secretly know your digital presence is not. that. great.


Need to pivot, and quickly?

Then let’s talk.


…the kit that gives you everything you need to be fabulous.

What’s Included?

…basically every little thing you need to launch your new website, all branded and ready to go, into the World Wide Web.
Keep scrolling for the juicy details…

Your branding kit

This consists of:


professional Logo

A gorgeous text-based logo that perfectly represents your brand ethos and your business personality. Your new logo will begin the journey of your brand and increase your professionalism, legitimacy and brand recognition. You will receive your logo in full colour, black & white, and plain white versions, for both screen & print.

Complementary Font Combinations

The right font selection is absolutely crucial to the success of any branding project. Your font combinations must be in perfect alignment with your brand, be easy to read, speak to your audience, and used in just the correct balance.

Colour Palette

The colour palette is going to support your entire brand message, and particular emphasis must be placed on the perceived meaning of colour. Make your website pop with a professionally selected colour palette that hits the mark from the onset.

Background patterns/textures

Make your site stand out from your competitor with complementary branding accents. I will select patterns and textures that can be used throughout your digital presence (and beyond!), reinforcing your brand recognition to your ideal client.

Your planning kit


full access to my 'Website Planning & Content' design Masterclass Module .

Save hours of time trying to write and rewrite (not to mention nearly throwing the laptop out of the window!) your website copy with this no-nonsense guide on how to plan the perfect website content.

This will help you work out how to smash that copy, cut out the flimflam, and give your clients what they need to know.

This will also guide you through, not only how to evade the waffle, but how to select the perfect set of images to complement your copy, your brand colour tones and messaging.

Your beautiful website

This consists of:

A gorgeous, shiny new website, built on WordPress, giving you complete independence to edit and add to your website at anytime you need.
Need some really important thing added to the site….like ASAP? Well – No longer will you be tied to a web designer’s schedule:
Discover website independence and fall in love with the incredible level of control that gives you in your business!

An All Bells & All Whistles Home Page

No templates used here, just bespoke design to suit your business and your brand. You will get a beautiful, attention grabbing and high converting home page, you’ll want to shout about.

Main Content Page Design

This will form the basis of a ‘blueprint’ for you to add extra pages as and when you need to.

Blog Page & Blog Writing Template


Optin Landing Page, Incl Integration With Your Marketing CRM (such as Mailchimp, ConvertKit etc)


About Page


Services Page


Contact Page

Your training kit


full access to training videos

Lose the overwhelm of trying to remember how to edit your website after ONE walkthrough!

Get LIFETIME ACCESS to the online training hub where you will find detailed, step-by-step instruction videos, showing you exactly what to do, excatly when you need to.

What’s the Process?

Phases One – ‘Go Live’ are usually completed, start to finish, within 3 weeks.
‘Express Service’ is available if required and according to schedule.

phase one: we talk

We start with a consultation call with you to find out about you and your business, where you’re at and make sure that the Digital Presence Kit is right for you and you”re at the right stage of your business for it to work for you.

And if you have any queries about whether this is right for you? Ask away, I’m always happy to allay any fears!

phase two: book your start date & deposit

After our initial call, we’ll agree a timeframe that works for us both and get that fixed into our diaries. It’s really important that we agree dates that allow you time to focus on the project during our review phase specifically, as this will absolutely require your input and feedback. If you think you’ll be too busy, let’s push dates back until you have the time.

I’ll send you an invoice at this stage for the initial project deposit.

phase three: your brief

This is where I gather all the information I need from you. I will send you a link to an online spec brochure, where you will need to answer questions about design and preferences, and invite you to join our private Pinterest Moodboard, where we will work on initial design styles. I will also request logins to the tech side of things: domain registrar, current hosting (if any), marketing integration logins etc. Finally, I will ask you to send over all copy and content for your website pages. Don’t forget that you will also have had access to my ‘website planning and content module’, so you’ll have a confident head start on that.

phase four: design & development

I will create 3 logo versions with 2 revisions per design. As well as this, we will continue working on your Pinterest Moodboard, making sure that all the branding will be aligning with your business and personality, getting it bang on track to hit the mark with your niche audience.

I will then take all of this branding and start setting this up within your website, ready for the review phase.

phase five: review & tweaks

This is the phase that will require the most intensive input from you, as it will be where you get the opportunity to ‘yay or nay’ design elements, placement and styling. I’ll set you up with what you need to give a full audio feedback of the website so that we can get it just the way you need it, quickly, usually within 2 revisions.

go live phase: sign off & publish!

Once all final tweaks have been made and signed off, we’ll move the project into the final phase of migrating from the development address, onto your live domain.
I will prepare your file with everything you need for the ownership handover, give you full access to the training hub and publish your shiny new and gorgeous site into the big world wide web, ready for you to start shouting about.

And then? We’ll have a little celebration with you and do a little happy dance.

Ready to hear more?

If you’re ready to get your digital presence making a difference for your business, book your call.

Questions needing answered?

Can you work on my exisiting website?
In short, no. You know you need a new website for a reason, and so we will start with a clean and shiny new slate!
Ok, can you transfer my exisiting content?

It depends on what it is. If it is blog posts from a previous site, usually yes. Platform dependent. If it is content from existing web pages, we rarely do, as it doesn’t often fit with my copy guide prerequisites. You will have full access to my ‘Design Your Digital Presence Masterclass’ module, focussing on how to plan the perfect website content in a weekend.

I don't need the package, can I just have a website?

It depends. I’ll take a look at your existing branding suite and see if it will translate successfully into a convertible website. If it does, then let’s do it, but if I feel that the branding will be letting your site down, I would not offer just the website, no.

How long does the process take?

3 weeks, start to finish. I encourage you to start only when you are confident that you have the time to commit to that timeframe, as there will be a few of the stages that do actually require some fairly intensive time on your part. If you’re not able to clear that 3-week window, I suggest that you rethink your schedule and come back when it suits you better.

Can I add extra features to my website, like E-Commerce?

Yes, but if not agreed upon booking, this will need to be discussed in more detail and added to quote – usually the timeframe will need to increase also, depending on what more you need.

How do I access my website after it's published to make changes?

Once we have reached live launch day, we will sign off, and I will send you over all the login details you will need.

How do I get all my content over to you with my brief?

You can send everything over via a free service called WeTransfer. I will send you the link to this when you are ready.

What if I'm not happy with my new digital presence kit?

To be perfectly blunt, this doesn’t happen. The reason for this is that I work together with my client very closely, and I can quickly get to know what you like and what you won’t. That insight plus the comprehensive questionnaire along with your brief and I have it nailed after one or two revisions.

Should I get your website care pacakge?


BUT these are not optional, so it’s really up to you. It is a good idea as it means you receive priority support should anything go wrong with the site whilst it is live, or you need me to look at something you’ve updated. I will work on your issue anyway, with or without the website care package, but will need to put it into the schedule and invoice you by the hour.

Do you host the website for me?

Yes. If you don’t already have a hosting package that you would like to use, I will host the website for you.

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