coaching & consulting.

STOP. Take a step back.

Are you struggling with your business direction or need a push to reach the next level?

Yes? Just ask.

you can do anything,

but just not everything.

you are not superhuman.

So, it’s the ‘go it alone attitude’ and sassy spirit that probably got you thinking about starting up your business in the first place, right?

You start off as the specialist with your newfound business idea, BUT you then end up in the role of the generalist, trying to be everything to everyone and fill every role required.

This doesn’t work forever.

You have 2 clear choices:


You can stick it out, knowing that the same patterns bring the same results.


You can TAKE ACTION and get some help.

see how I can help you…

Strategy & Planning

One of my roles will be to challenge you to think differently than you have done before, probably slightly out of your comfort zone and stretching your goals. After all, if you always do what you’ve always done, you always get what you’ve always got. I’m sure that you have your own crazily ambitious plans and expectations for your business, but to have someone to sound these from, someone who’s been on the same path before, is invaluable. I will come with a unique, but proven, understanding of strategy and will push you to your goals, whilst steering you around the hazards and keeping you on track.


Technology is a major source of serious overwhelm for most business owners. Just as you think you’ve mastered one thing, along comes another ‘must have; must do’ platform to knock you flying off course and into that despondent pile we all struggle to crawl out from. I have been working with tech for years and have been known to be somewhat of a geek when it comes to loving it. I have the skills needed to successfully implement new tech, manage integrations, and consult on the best options for your unique software stacks. And you know what? Most of my clients end up embracing it!


Management covers an array of things when running your own business. From time management to goal management, to employee management and suppliers, they all need to be nurtured into an optimum working pattern. Don’t worry if you don’t have to juggle all of these, they are just some examples, but when you are still wavering in the ‘generalist role’ it’s tough to keep on top of all of this successfully. Learn how to stop juggling and start managing. I will help create strategies to work on navigating difficult business problems and decisions, helping to set a foundation early on to be able to handle some of the big, inevitable, management storms that lie ahead.

Marketing Advice

Marketing. Yet another hat for you to wear and another ball for you to be juggling. It’s difficult when you are so far in the grass, that you can’t see the field. Looking at things from the outside in helps me to see the things you are missing, and we will review your current strategies to see exactly what’s working, and more importantly, what’s not.

Business Growth

Having plans is the key to growth. Nothing will grow successfully without an outcome and clear plans on how you are going to get there. What we will do together is make sure that you are addressing all the potential growth areas and focussing on keeping them on track. I will also be your accountability, which is worth its weight in literal gold. It’s easy to push back targets for no ‘real’ reason and to take your eye off the ball if no-one notices, right? After all, no-one knew what you were planning anyway, so it doesn’t really matter? Not with an accountability coach. Say goodbye to excuses & hello to results.


Mindset is EVERYTHING. This section is so important it should be listed twice. The right mindset can help you achieve anything you want. The wrong mindset can sabotage each and every goal you strive for. Whether it be money blocks, self-worth issues, imposter syndrome, mummy guilt, whatever areas in mindset you struggle with, it’s ALWAYS the best idea to get support. It is tough as hell trying to work through this on your own AS WELL AS running the actual business. With my background originally in Psychology and as an NLP Master Practitioner & Certified Life Coach, I can work with you to help you realise your real worth, help you get what you deserve and help you see that, you too, are ready for it.


I’d love to offer coaching to everyone, BUT the bottom line is that it’s actually NOT for everyone.

You and I would be a good fit to work together if:


You are determined & intentional in the actions you take for your business.


You have reached your limit of 'learn while doing' and it is now affecting your time management in the business.


Your margin of error for learning from your mistakes has literally disappeared & you're looking for expert help to guide you through difficult situations quickly.


You know there is so much untapped potential but you're feeling stuck & can't see the wood for the trees


You're becoming completely overwhelmed with tech


You understand that coaching is a two-way street and that you will get the most out of it when you put the effort into actioning our strategies


You understand that this is not a magic pill. You will still have to run your business, perhaps even harder at first, to really see the results.


This will NOT be for you if:


You are still working another job and this is more of a side hussle for you. It's unlikely you will have the time to take the necessary action in this instance.


You geniunely know that there is still a lot you can do on your own and so you're not sure if you are ready or if you really need a coach. Come back when you've exhausted your own efforts and you are sure you need additonal support. This will not work otherwise.


You secretly hope that someone will just wave a magic wand and create a successful business for you, as you don't really want to put the work in


You think that the business coach should be doing most of the work, as you're paying them, right? See point above, it's a two-way street I'm afraid.


You wish you were doing something else, but evryone else thinks you should be running the business. This needs to be your dream and your passion for this to work with the type of strategy and mindset I implement.

think this might be exactly what

you’re looking for?

brilliant. let’s talk.

Not sure if you’re ready for coaching?

No worries, it’s all about the timing.
Why not start with little steps and think about a business consultation or an accountability program?

Are you ready to jump straight in and take that plunge

to ELEVATE your business?