Rebranding a business

Why should you rebrand?

You have a website and you have a logo that once up on a time were all shiny and brand new and they were the thing you were the most proud of at the time and you couldn’t stop looking at them. (By the way, if you’ve never had that level of pure joy about your web and brand, maybe it was never right?).

The one quick question to ask yourself is “How long ago was that?” Time moves pretty fast as Ferris Buellar once famously quoted and that is just as applicable in the design world as it was onscreen, you need to make sure that your business stays current . So, if the answer to the first question is more than 5 years, then the second question should be “Ok, so how do I know if my business needs a rebrand?” It’s a tough question to answer on your own, so here are a few easy ways to know if it’s something you should be looking into, or not.

Keeping your business current is the difference between continued progress & coasting…

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The 5 ‘time to rebrand’ clues…


You have few clients or customers

This is a pretty clear sign that your brand and your message is not really walking down the right path. Maybe you are using low quality images in your social messaging or your logo is low resolution so always sits a little blurred. This gives an unprofessional impression to anyone looking at your business and they will more than likely go looking for one of your competitors. This means you need a rebrand.


Your public image is different to the service

The actual final quality of your product or service is much more superior than your brand image is actually reflecting. If this is the case for you, imagine that your brand and your professional image is your shop front… would your customer walk by? You’re not going to attract the right people (or any people sometimes!) with the wrong image. If this is you…your business needs a rebrand.


Your website isn’t professional

Your website works well and its fast but you don’t know how to combine colours and fonts with image styles. Visual identity and brand image goes completely hand in hand with webdesign. You need to have consistency in all of your image and brand if you don’t have that….you need a rebrand.


You DIY’d everything

You designed your brand identity yourself with no guidence from a professional. Unless you are actually a designer, this rarely works. Believe me, I have seen it. if this is you, you need a rebrand.


Everything is old

It’s been 5 years since your logo and visual elements were designed and you’re still using the same things. Time also plays a role in brand image and the perception of your business by your potential clients or customers, if you look outdated, they’ll think that your service is too. if that’s you…. you need a rebrand.

Do any of these sound like where you’re at with your brand and visual identity? If yes, now is the time to take that plunge and get your business reflecting who you are and what you actually deliver.

Take a look at the services that I offer for web design and branding and feel free to book in for a chat with me to see what direction you need to take your business, and what the priorities should be for the quickest and most effective outcome. Let’s get your business back on track with the service you deliver and get customers to see the real you shining through with ease…

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